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Nov. 28th, 2010



I was trying to edit some of my profle information, but when I went to save a red message appeared that read: "You have listed US as your country, but have put invalid information in the section "State". I found the message to be a little odd, since I was almost certain I had selected Canada as my country, and sure enough, when I scroll back to countries it clearly says "Canada", but the box below says "State".

Poor Canada (-and Manitoba), even LJ thinks you're American. xD

[OOC] How is my driving? ( Comment est ma conduite? )

I t-think that is how to write "how is my driving" in french.
[ shot multiple times for being a fail Canadian with her lack of french.]

Any whom, this is were you may put questions, comments, concerns or make jokes about my Mother's virtue. I'd really appreciate any input anyone has, especially since I don't actually live in Manitoba at present (-and I'm really worried about portraying her in a way that makes no sense).

Thanks in advance!

[Profile] Manitoba! ('Cause this place needs more Canadians)

[ Name ] Chloe Emma Bouffard
[ Physical Age ]
about seventeen
[ Birthday ]
July 15th, 1870 (Date of Confederation)
[ Height ]
5'8 (172 cm)
[ Weight ]
127 lbs.
[ Personification of ]
Manitoba, Canada
[ Personality ]
To put it bluntly, Chole is kind of…forgettable. -and it’s not hard to be labeled so, when in a room full of Canadian provinces, Chloe is the province who is forgotten most often. It’s not that she is unpleasant, she works hard and she’s nice enough, but, no one really knows anything personal about her. Chloe is painfully shy has trouble speaking with new people, most of her conversations are either so mundane they are not memorable, or so odd, no one understands what she is talking about. But, around people she knows, Chloe is know for being well-spoken and friendly (if not a bit sports crazy). Chloe has a hard time dealing with things she isn’t used to and tends to panic whenever she feels uncomfortable. She’ll take rehabilitating polar bear’s over visiting a crowded American city any day!
[ Extras ] 
- Chloe is mainly of Métis ( a mixture of French and Cree heritage), but also has a bit of English and Ukrainian blood in her (because of immigration).
-Due to the Manitoba Act, Chloe's grasp of french is rather foggy and she tends slip up a lot
-She's very passionate about hockey, but it's football games that get her screaming
- During the summer, she's followed around by a cloud of giant mosquitoes (and that isn't an exaggeration)
- Her shoes and pants are sometimes wet from Red River flooding
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